Worldwide Trade

Worldwide Trade

At Red 7 Classics we are passionate about classic cars and the stories behind them. 

Specialising in classic car import, UK and export sales our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge gained over the last 35 years in the classic car industry. 

We have reliable transport and shipping contacts developed over many years and can assist with any aspect of importing and exporting cars worldwide.

Currently we are importing many cars from South Africa where we have an extensive network of contacts to enable a good supply of quality RHD classics often in much superior condition to equivalent UK cars. Alfa Romeo, Ford, VW, BMW, Austin, Morris, Jaguar, Land Rover and Classic Minis are our usual stock in trade of these cars.

With the relative strength of the dollar over recent times we are increasingly seeing an export demand for specialist cars over 25 years old from our American customers with Land Rovers in particular sought after.