1976 Mini 1275 GTS SOLD

1976 Mini 1275 GTS SOLD

Here we offer an exceptionally rare South African market only Leyland Mini 1275 GTS. First introduced in July 1973 and produced until 1980 exclusively for the South African market this stands as a higher-performance successor to the iconic 1275 GT model.

What sets this Leyland Mini apart is its rarity, with only 4,210 of these exceptional vehicles ever produced and a select few remaining in existence today. This isn't just your ordinary 1275 GT; it's a true collector's gem. Essentially, it's a 1275 Cooper S meticulously crafted within the frame of a Clubman shell at the renowned Blackheath factory in Cape Town.

One of the standout features of this GTS model is its unique South African twist. Due to local content regulations at the time, it boasts a locally cast version of the Cooper S engine, a significant enhancement considering that by 1973, the Cooper S-spec 1275cc engine had been phased out in other international markets.

Over the past decade, we've had the privilege of importing a handful of these rare gems, and the one we're presenting today is the most structurally sound example we've ever owned. It boasts an impeccable original body, with no welding ever required. The floors and undersides are in superb factory-original condition, as clearly seen in the accompanying photos.

Originally light blue, this Mini has undergone a repaint in red at some point in its history. 

12 inch Minilite wheels are fitted although the original Rostyle wheels are included with the car.



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